Minneapolis based web designer and developer with experience in non-web programming languages (and genetics, of all things). In addition to the obvious web technologies HTML/CSS, PHP, and JavaScript/JQuery, I build websites using  WordPress, Drupal, and MoveableType. Outside of web technologies, I code primarily in Python with additional programming experience in Perl and C++ (and familiarity with Java and, I hesitate to admit, Pascal).

I have master's and PhD degrees in Human Genetics and Evolutionary and Environmental Biology (specialization in population genetics), respectively. Here, I gained experience in statistical/mathematical tools and software packages such as R, MatLab, and SPSS.

I build attractive, effective, quality websites. I can work with you to design a site from scratch, build from a design you already have, and redesign/develop your site to meet current web standards and achieve maximum usability and accessibility. I also provide social media integration and content development. Using the Content Management Systems WordPress and Drupal I can develop your site quickly, and with my background in the aforementioned web technologies and am able to modify themes and modules/plugins and add custom code to sites. For a complete list of skills, please see my skills page.

Also an avid bicycle rider, mechanic, and educator; cocktail enthusiast; licensed tour guide; and general rabble rouser. Hire me!

Even more recently, I have become obsessed with photography—mainly urban exploration/abandoned sites, street photography, and cocktails, but I'll photograph anything I find interesting. When I have time, I plan to add a photography portfolio section to this site...when I have time. Until then, you can find my work at 500px and Viewbug.